TELEXTRACTOR is a software also available in a Professional version designed for those who want to send Telegram messages directly from PC in a simple and effective way. Telextractor uses Telegram Web technology but adds useful features to make Marketing and send Telegram messages to multiple users at the same time. If you want to start taking advantage of this powerful and increasingly popular communication channel here’s why you should use  Telextractor:

  1. Create and send custom messages (with recipient name) to Telegram contacts
  2. Import contacts (phone numbers or Telegram nicknames) from your PC (from CSV or TXT files)
  3. Send Telegram messages to contacts you don’t have in your phone book
  4. Dual Send mode: Send Telegram messages using your customers’ phone numbers or their “username”
  5. Use variables to customize the message to be sent and prevent it from being marked as spam.
  6. Ability to see the report of the campaign and check successful and not-sent messages.
  7. Ability to set a delay between messages to avoid ban
  8. TELEGRAM FILTER function to clean your contact lists and extrapolate only those that use Telegram.
  9. Ability to send Telegram messages with attachments: photos, videos, PDF documents, words, text files, etc…
  10. Ability to extract up to ALL telegram’s id from each Telegram Groups.
  11. Extract Public members from another groups/channels and add to your group/channel(Dont force them to add).
  12. Extraction speed- extract 10k members in 3 minutes(as per Telegram policies).
  13. Note:-Public members you can add, if you forcefully add them this may ban ur account.
  14. If tool is not adding such user its due to thier privacy policy, there is other way to gain members in channel/Group.
  15. kindly get leads without Voilate Telegram Policy.

Now follow the process given below to proceed after purchasing our tool.

Create a Telegram App and Get Your Credentials

Go to  and log in.

Click on API development tools and fill the required fields.

You can choose any name for your app. After submitting, you will receive api_id and api_hash. Save them somewhere. You will use these credentials to login to Telegram API.

 Then Run the tool

Click on ADD account

Enter the APIID ,APIHASH and mobile (enter mobile with code for Indian mobile +91XXXXXXXXXX) and click add user, the account will be added. Then on main screen click on refresh to find the account, select the account and click login to login to the account.

Extract Members From Group/Chanel

Output of extracting Group/Channel Members in CSV File

Speed Of Extraction-10,000 users data in just 3 Minutes

Follow All Tutorials:-

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